Ever wondered what a Creative does? Follow Aurelija, our Associate Head of Creatives as she takes you through a day in her life!

What does your role as an Associate Head of Creatives entail?

As the Head of Creatives, I oversee all of the design work across the region. 

  • Concept ideation for regional campaigns to supporting local executions
  • Concentrating on performance marketing asset optimisation and improvement
  • Finding visual solutions for the best conversions
  • Supporting a team of talented designers from all across the world!

Growing as a designer in a corporate business may come with challenges, setbacks, or rejections. My job is to help the team grow, deliver on the highest standard, always stay positive, remain persistent, and continuously work hard towards our goals. 

Why did you choose this role?

I love designing and seeing brands evolve over time. foodpanda has had a crazy journey in the past years, from multiple brand refreshes to introduction of our brand mascot – Pau-Pau. It gives me joy to know that I was part of this journey – working on small steps of improvement and elevation.

Sharing the spotlight with foodpanda’s superstar Pau-Pau!

What is your favourite part about your role?

As a designer in a corporate environment, it is crucial to understand the business goals and objectives. Familiarising myself with the company’s products, services, target audience and brand identity helps me to better understand the business, allowing me to design my work to meet the organisation’s needs. This is what I enjoy about my job!

Moreover as a Western designer in Asia, I have the amazing opportunity to get to know a very different mindset and approach towards creatives. From working on crazy campaigns with an extremely detailed driven team in Japan, to collecting insights for Ramadan creatives for Pakistan. It is a huge benefit to get to understand so many different cultural nuances up close.

Tell us how the Creative teams are structured at foodpanda!

We have around 30 creatives in the design team including experts in motion, brand and communication design.  Our day to day often involves working with cross-functional teams and collaborating with other departments and teams, such as local marketing, product, and content. To gain insights and ensure our designs align with overall strategies, we split the team into the cluster system, so each group/cluster of creatives (4 to 6 Designers led by a Design Lead) support their specific market from A to Z.

Communication is key to conveying our ideas, receiving feedback, and working smoothly with others, that’s why we believe the cluster system helps to keep our work more collaborative.

How has foodpanda helped you grow?

The design field is continuously evolving, and new technologies and methodologies emerge regularly. Thus, as foodpanda creatives, it is important to stay curious and stay open to new design tools and techniques!

The past years were pretty hectic for foodpanda as the company was constantly evolving, as such, employees had to adapt quickly too. Learning how to innovate and automate to make our work more efficient was quite challenging, but it helped us to work smarter by regularly practicing and experimenting with different design projects.

Back then, I was someone who just wanted to create beautiful designs, but now I have learnt to think broader on how these designs can actually benefit my business and customers.

About Aurelija

Aurelija leads the creative army in Bangkok’s Regional Marketing team.

Aurelija started as a designer 8 years ago in Delivery Hero (foodpanda’s parent company) Berlin’s office. But one day, she took up the challenge, packed her belongings and moved to Asia to further her career in foodpanda. What was initially a 1 year adventure in Asia turned into 4 years of innovation, experimentation and constant growth in APAC.

Once the work day is over, Aurelija turns into a crazy adventurer, planning her mountain peak accents or pushing her limits in Muay Thai camps.

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