Follow Alvin as he takes you through the life of a Corporate Sales Account Executive at foodpanda!

Q1. A day in the life as a Corporate Sales Account Executive?

As cliche as it sounds, no one day is the same. My day involves ensuring that my clients have a seamless experience when they make an order on the foodpanda app. I also help to troubleshoot any issues that they might face. And of course, being a sales person, I am focused on ideating strategies to market foodpanda corporate offerings to clients as well as introducing how we can benefit their organization. I also spend time to understand their needs so that I can provide them with an ideal solution that can best meet their business needs using foodpanda for business.

Doing a roadshow with my team from Corporate Sales

Q2. What’s your favourite part about being a Corporate Sales Account Executive at foodpanda?

Being able to enlighten HR on how foodpanda for business can enhance the welfare benefit of their employees. After-all, food has the power to bring people together, giving them the fuel and motivation in their jobs. Hence, whenever I share with clients on how foodpanda for business can help their organisation and they are aligned with my beliefs, it sparks joy in me, making this role enjoyable for me as a Corporate Sales Account Executive.

Q3. Tell us about how the Corporate Sales Team is structured at foodpanda.

We are a small team of 3 account managers and 1 BD manager under the leadership of our Commercial Director. We manage the meal programmes for organizations, provide them with support and also share the latest foodpanda offerings with them such as pandapro and gift vouchers. Despite being a lean team, we are currently bringing good food to over 300 companies in Singapore and we are determined to grow even bigger by painting more companies pink and having them onboard foodpanda for business!

Q4. Your exposure as a Corporate Sales Account Executive at foodpanda? 

The portfolio I manage is diverse. Thus, I am exposed to different industries, from finance to law to e-commerce and the list goes on. As such, I need to be able to adapt accordingly to the differing needs of different organizations.

In terms of the corporate team, we do have regional presence! And I also have the opportunity to learn the best practices and interact with colleagues from other offices. Fun Fact: During my recent vacation to Hong Kong, I went to the foodpanda Hong Kong office and paid my colleagues from the corporate team a visit!

HELLO from the foodpanda Hong Kong office!

Q5. How has foodpanda helped you grow?

Being a small team also means that we have limited resources. Yet our team’s ambition is limitless. Hence, during my time in foodpanda, I have had the opportunity to explore new ideas and launch moonshots that can help to grow foodpanda for business. That has developed my growth mindset, which empowers me to try different possibilities so that myself and my team can get better 1% everyday!

Apart from my core responsibilities, we do have interesting programmes such as Panda Ambassador that provide us with exposure to the other pillars of foodpanda such as pandamart and Food Delivery services, developing different skill sets. For instance, I got to try being a picker at pandamart and also a walker (rider by foot). Apart from the hard skills gained, these activities have shed better light by allowing me to understand our business better, particularly the challenges and operations of other pillars better.

Trying out pandamart picker duties at one of the many pandamart stores


About Alvin Or   

Alvin Or is an account manager in the foodpanda for business team, Alvin is responsible for filling the bellies of his corporate clients using the foodpanda for business offering such as Allowance credits and Evergreen discount for corporate users. Alvin has always been committed to help his clients, ensuring that their welfare benefits are well-covered using foodpanda. Knowing that his clients are well-fed and being able to think of solutions that can benefit employees’ well-being is what drives Alvin in his role. Out of work hours, Alvin is an avid solo-traveler, who loves to meet new people and enjoys adventures.