At foodpanda, our panda communities (aka Employee Resource Groups) aim to create a psychologically safe space and an environment where pandas can bring their whole selves to the table, by providing support and help in various areas such as inclusion & diversity, wellbeing and sustainability.

Read on to find out more about our communities!

The Zen Pandas
The Zen Pandas is a mental wellbeing community at foodpanda that strives to provide support to our pandas in reducing burnout, stress and exhaustion. They’ve organized a variety of activities, including bouldering, sneaker art jam sessions, and terrarium making workshops!

Bouldering @ boulder movement
During our introductory bouldering class at Boulder Movement, our pandas had the chance to relax and step away from their screens.

Sneaker Art Jamming Session
These fun bonding activities allowed them to destress, whilst giving them the creative outlet to let their imaginations run free.

Eco Heroes
Our Eco Heroes encourages, empowers and enables everyone to take small steps towards living a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, in line with foodpanda’s broader mission of becoming carbon neutral. From talks about fighting food waste, to upcycling workshops and even hosting eco-marketplaces right in our office, our Eco Heroes drive positive change and sustainability awareness throughout our community.

Upcycling Beeswax Wrap workshop by The Sustainability Project
Our pandas created eco-friendly Beeswax Wraps from scrap fabrics, offering a sustainable alternative to plastic cling wrap and aluminum foil. Beeswax paper is biodegradable, contributing to zero waste efforts.

Recycling Plastics Workshop at The Plastic Project
Our Eco-Heroes organized a plastic collection drive in the office, sending collected materials to The Plastic Project’s workshop for a creative transformation – resulting in the creation of their very own recycled plastic coasters!

Women@foodpanda is all about empowering our incredible women pandas to step into leadership roles, exchange valuable experiences, and pick up new skills. It’s a special place where our female team members can connect with like-minded folks, bond, and grow together.

The team has organized various activities such as beach boxing, movie nights and mentoring programmes.

We also have our beloved Women’s Circle – a safe space to connect, support and empower women in foodpanda. It provides an intimate and confidential environment where women can engage in meaningful discussions on important topics, share their personal experiences, or simply lean on the community for sisterly support.

Crystal Bracelet Making Workshop

International Women’s Day

Panda Family
Last but certainly not least, we have our Panda Family ERG – a space for parents to connect with a supportive network at foodpanda.

Be sure to join one of our ERGs when you join foodpanda!