Ever wondered what the Workplace team does? Follow the Workplace pandas as they bring you through their different roles and responsibilities!

Different roles in the Workplace team

1.) Workplace Services Manager

  • Brain of the Workplace team
  • Leads the Workplace team in the daily operations
  • Strategic planning to improve the workplace facilities and get 1% better everyday

2.) Workplace Experience team

  • Backbone of the Workplace Team
  • Supports the daily operations, including vendor management and attending to employee’s requests
  • Supports events and training room setup
  • Leads F&B program to enhance employee experience in the office

3.) Welcome Manager

  • Face of the Workplace Team
  • First point of contact for all employees, visitors and partners
  • Builds relationships with everyone to create magical experiences for all in  the foodpanda office

How is the Workplace Team structured?

The Workplace team is lean and super efficient! While we each focus on our individual areas of specialty, we also collaborate as a team in every project and discussion and support one another where needed.

The Workplace Team

What does the Workplace Team do?

Samantha Toh, Head, Workplace (APAC):

We focus on creating a positive and productive environment for all employees, from office management, culture-building, and employee experience in the office space. Here are a few examples:


  • Facilities Management: This involves managing the physical workplace, including maintaining office equipment, managing office space and space planning, overseeing safety and security measures, and coordinating with building management.
  • Workplace Experience: Overseeing the employee experience within the physical office space. This involve coordinating events, managing communal spaces, and creating programs that foster a positive workplace culture.
  • Health and Safety: This includes implementing and overseeing health and safety measures, such as emergency preparedness plans, safety training, and engaging employees to be part of our First Aid and Fire Wardens volunteer team.
  • Sustainability Efforts: Implementing recycling programs, working with local and sustainable vendors and introducing sustainable accessories such as cups made from coffee grounds to be used in the office.


What is something interesting the Workplace Team does that not many people know about?

Bracney Peh, Intern, Workplace, APAC:

Many might perceive the workplace team as a department that focuses on the maintenance of the facilities in the office. However, we also contribute to creating a positive and engaging work environment for employees. The team has frequent meetings to brainstorm new ideas to improve the office environment and optimise the physical workspace, to promote the most ideal environment for creativity and productivity in the office. 

Similarly, we also leverage technology to ensure efficiency and employee satisfaction. For example, our JIRA ticketing system for employees to seek assistance with any workplace-related queries. These processes contribute to the team’s efficiency in addressing issues in the office and boosting our overall work effectiveness.

Hamizah Idris, Facilities Coordinator:

The Workplace team adopts an employee-centric approach where we do our utmost best to prioritise the well-being of employees in the office. All in all, the Workplace team plays a vital role in the creation of a comfortable work environment which allows employees to feel motivated to contribute to the organisation.


A project/ something you’ve worked on that you’re most proud of as a Workplace employee?

Channel woo, Manager, Workplace Solutions:

I am grateful for the opportunity and trust to organise and host events like the annual pandaversary and year-end celebrations. These events bring joy and a sense of togetherness to the entire workplace, and foster a strong sense of camaraderie among colleagues.

However, the project that truly stands out as my crowning achievement was the monumental undertaking to set-up and move into our APAC Headquarters in  – 2021. This project was a defining experience that granted me invaluable insights into the intricate process of designing and constructing a functional and vibrant workspace. Witnessing the seamless collaboration between various departments and industry experts in curating the office space was truly enlightening.

Raj Parumal, Workplace Concierge:

First and foremost, thank you for trusting me. I’m so grateful to be given this opportunity! From hotelier to facility management, I am really happy to have a job that deals with people. Part of my role is to respond to requests via our ticketing system. This includes attending to locker requests, coordinating event space bookings and providing answers to queries from employees. When facing blockers such as clashes in bookings, I do my best to accommodate all parties as much as possible. When all the events and meetings go well, it gives me a huge sense of satisfaction knowing that I helped to make it happen.


What does a day in the life of a Workplace employee look like?

Siti Nurulhuda, Facilities Coordinator:

My daily core responsibilities mostly focus on ensuring the upkeep of the workplace (facilities & amenities). Juggling a multitude of tasks keeps me on my feet all the time and off my desk on some days of the week. 

My morning will usually start off with my routine walks across all levels –, the critical part of the day where I am able to identify issues that can be rectified almost immediately. After which, I will be mostly on the ground overseeing any scheduled maintenance works, ensuring that the work is done correctly and safely. It is not an easy role but it can be the most rewarding knowing that we (the Workplace Team) have created a safe, comfortable and productive environment for all the employees at foodpanda.


How has foodpanda helped you grow?

Radhi Ibrahim, Manager, Workplace Services:

Coming from a Facilities Management services background, I’ve expanded into new scopes and services such as pantry and utility management, which I did not have the chance to manage back in my previous jobs. Most importantly, the experience in foodpanda has helped me learn more about my strengths and areas which I need to improve on. I am much more confident now to own it, and take risks – launching moonshots while creating magical experiences for foodpanda employees and visitors.

Siti Jumaat, Welcome Manager:

Being a Welcome Manager in the foodpanda office gives me an opportunity to build rapport with the pandas and our external visitors. I also learnt about new services (Envoy + Card Access) and continue to be optimistic in my role that I’m tasked with. One thing that makes me happy and makes my day is when some of the pandas from other global offices remember my name each time they visit our office here in Singapore.

The Workplace team works hard to give the panda employees and visitors a beautiful office space and a wonderful experience, thank you Workplace!

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