Currently operating in 12 markets across Asia, foodpanda has been serving Singapore customers for the past 9 years since our launch in 2012. With most of our pandas (aka. employees) in Singapore working from home this month due to Covid-19 related measures, we didn’t let this stop us and brought our 9th anniversary celebrations online!

To kickstart our 9th pandaversary, our pandas attended virtual workshops such as soap-making, cookie decoration and canvas painting. Each workshop was designed to be a 1-hour fun and therapeutic session where pandas had the chance to express their artistic creativity by incorporating the iconic pink foodpanda logo into their end-products to commemorate our 9th birthday. Through the virtual workshops, our pandas bonded with each other and even had the chance to meet other pandas’ family members who were also invited to join in the fun.

“The workshop experience was fun-loving and our instructor did a great job engaging with us even though we were doing it virtually. Hopefully we can have more of such activities again – virtually!”, said Nellie Tan, People Services Specialist (APAC), who participated in the soap making workshop.

Thanks to these fun workshops, our pandas were able to take a relaxing break from their hectic WFH lifestyle!



Then to end off the celebration, a half-day virtual party was held via Zoom co-hosted by professional emcee, Stan The Man (@emceestantheman) and our VP of Communications and Public Affairs (APAC), Evelyn Tay.



Despite not being physically present, everyone’s presence was still felt as the party was filled with fun and laughter with around 300 pandas joining in. Live voting for the best virtual workshop creations took place during the virtual party and the winners were awarded prizes (and bragging rights). We found out that our pandas are actually very artistically talented!



The highlight of the party was the highly anticipated Fun Awards ceremony, where pandas got to vote on (and roast) which colleagues they thought had the best style, partied the most, or was the noisiest typer in the office, just to name a few. After some fierce competition, the winners walked away with attractive prizes, such as a silent keyboard for the noisiest typer and two dumbbell water bottles for the fittest panda in the office. Most importantly, it was heartwarming to see the pandas rooting for one another during the party!



Pandas also gained a better understanding of our APAC CEO, Jakob Angele, and MD of Singapore, Luc Andreani, through a video interview where both leaders shared personal stories of their foodpanda journey. They even shared what they ordered most on the foodpanda platform (hint: one has golden arches and other is low-carb)!



Channel Woo, Workplace Specialist (APAC), who was part of the planning team for the virtual celebrations, shared: “Event planning is never easy and there’ll always be last-minute hiccups, especially a virtual one where you have no control over connectivity, for example. Nevertheless, we were really glad to be able to organise the virtual workshops so that employees who are working from home were able to include their family members during the sessions. Teamwork makes the dream work, is my pet phrase. So thank you also to my two partners-in-crime, Fidelis and Raudhah.”

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the workshops and party! Most importantly, a huge shout out to those who were involved in making the whole celebration possible virtually while keeping everyone safe at home! Let’s hope that we will be able to celebrate foodpanda’s 10th birthday in person next year!

Want to be part of our 10th birthday celebration next year? Join us and apply on https://careers.foodpanda.com. See you then!