As one of Asia’s top technological hubs, the demand for Software Engineers is always high in Singapore, but what exactly does this role entail? We sat down with Josiah Lee, our Senior Backend Software Engineer as he walks us through the roles and responsibilities of his exciting role.

What’s your favourite part about being a Software Engineer at foodpanda?

I like that as an engineer, we have the autonomy to develop and iterate fast. There is a strong collaborative environment across different teams and good learning resources for growth.

What does a day in the life of a Software Engineer look like?

For myself, a day consists of around 40% meetings and 60% coding time. Most meetings are around the product requirements and software designs while the remainder of my time are left for code reviews, prototyping and assigned coding tasks.

Your global exposure as a Software Engineer at foodpanda?

As an engineer in foodpanda, you’ll get to work on global projects which requires close collaboration with engineers from other countries. foodpanda has a great culture which enables everyone from different walks of life to contribute.

Cross-Team Hackathon 2022!

Tell us about how the software engineering teams are structured at foodpanda.

Depending on the scope of the team, each engineering team can consist of engineers from different domains (e.g. backend, frontend, mobile) along with a product manager and engineering manager. This allows for complete ownership on both the engineering and product end.


Lastly, how has foodpanda helped you grow?

foodpanda provides me with a wide range of resources to help me grow both in technical skills as well as my own professional career. The resources include online learning platforms such as Udemy and cash to buy books, attend courses or even take a certificate. Additionally, foodpanda has a mentorship program where engineers of different levels can learn from other experienced engineers!

About Josiah Lee

Josiah is part of the Incentives domain that focuses on the optimisation of deals for some of the DeliveryHero (our parent company) brands. He works closely with engineers from various global teams to ensure a seamless experience. Outside of his day job, Josiah is also an avid drummer!