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foodpanda is Taiwan’s biggest delivery platform. We “deliver happiness” by providing customers with a quick and convenient way to order food and daily necessities at the tap of a button, and always providing an amazing experience along the way.

We look for people who love to innovate and thrive in open working environments to join our team and help us to continue to offer amazing delivery experiences for our customers.

Where we work

Our vision is to an amazing place to work. Growth and value are the most important things we care about. We strive to create a fun, open and high energy working environment to ensure that our pandas thrive and have a sense of belonging.

Joyful Moments

Beyond providing delicious drinks and snacks, we also host many fun activities and learning courses for our pandas to create a fun and enrichening life, and promote better wellbeing.

Life at foodpanda Taiwan

Meet the team

From product to business development, everyone can showcase their talents at foodpanda. Find your place at our table!

Taiwan Tech Hub

foodpanda established a new Tech Hub in Taiwan in 2021 with a focus on R&D on new technologies and enhancements to build a seamless experience for millions of users, riders and partners worldwide. If you love food, technology and problem-solving, come to join us!

Recent News in Taiwan

foodpanda 榮獲「台灣企業永續奧斯卡獎」

有企業永續奧斯卡之稱的「TCSA台灣企業永續獎」今年邁入第15屆。foodpanda 首次報獎即拿下「台灣永續外商企業績優獎」,是全台唯一入圍且得獎之外送平台。 foodpanda 自 2012 年搶進台灣市場後,僅花 7 年即完成全台 21 縣市外送服務,成為首家提供 24 小時即時外送之業者, 2019...

愛地球才對味!foodpanda 5G 行動超前進度 實踐環保外送願景

疫情之下民眾減少在外用餐,不管是外帶還是外送,有形無形中都增加了許多一次性包裝、餐具的使用量,在聯合國近年大聲疾呼環境永續、2050淨零碳排的目標下,foodpanda響應永續行動,提出「共享永續」新觀念,成為第一個將共享經濟模式與永續行動連結的外送產業,更宣布啟動全面性「5G」行動,包含發表永續宣言Green Commitment、首創環境友善店家Green...


隨著台灣疫情持續延燒,消費者線上採買生鮮需求升溫。超市龍頭全聯1月13日宣布將與外送平台foodpanda合作,今年第一季將上架350間門市,預計將帶來15億元外送營收,期望成為提供生鮮外送最方便的龍頭電商。 看好消費者依賴線上購買與生鮮雜貨外送的方便性,全聯在 2021...

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