Specialist, Vendor Operations

  1. Full-time
  2. Sales Support & Training
  3. Qingshui District

Job description

About the opportunity

1. B2B Operational instruction and vendor start-up guidance.

2. Consult with vendors to handle equipped, operational issues and provide solutions. procedures

3. Develop operational procedure with a good understanding of e-commerce while adjusting to the quick-path environment.

4. Strike a balance between commercial requirements and operational targets, successfully negotiate with vendors.

5. Online back office maintenance and data analysis to improve client's performance.

6. Project management and cross functionally communication with multi-team.

Who we are

“成為最受歡迎的美食和生鮮雜貨的配送平台“- 是我們foodpanda的使命

foodpanda 是亞洲最大的美食和生鮮雜貨配送平台。中國以外,我們在 11 個市場,400 多個城市開展業務,持續擴大我們的核心業務-美食配送以外,同時發展生鮮雜貨配送等其他新的領域。透過強大的技術基礎,從餐廳合作夥伴、雲端廚房到雲端雜貨店——只需輕輕一鍵,foodpanda 便可讓您快速方便地獲得所需的一切!

如果您喜歡透過科技來創造解決方案並且不怕捲起袖子把事情做好,那麼您會在 foodpanda 找到舞台。 foodpanda 由來自 60 多個國家的夥伴組成,因為我們相信透過多元化的團隊將能取勝

foodpanda 隸屬於德國的Delivery Hero集團 ,Delivery Hero為全球領先的網際網路外送服務平台,目前營運範圍涵蓋70多個國家。

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  1. Qingshui District